The Reformation’s Defense of Scripture’s Authority

Presented by: Rev. Andy Lanning

On January 1, 1519, Ulrich Zwingli did something unheard of. He ascended the pulpit, read the Bible, and explained its meaning. In a day when no one heard the Bible read, much less heard the Bible explained, this was a radical act. A young man who heard Zwingli preach the Bible would later recall, “I felt as if someone had pulled me up into the air by the hair of my head,” so profound was the effect of the Word of God upon his conscience. Preaching the Bible was part of the Reformers’ conviction that Scripture is the sole rule of faith and life. To hear more about the Reformers’ godly conviction regarding Scripture, come to Southwest PRC’s Fall Lecture, “The Reformation’s Defense of Scripture’s Authority.”

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October 2018