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Keeping God’s Covenant

“We must not think of the covenant as comparable to a bargain struck by two businessmen, dependent upon stipulated conditions, for the purpose of the advantage of them both. But we must think of the covenant of God with men and women as a delightful marriage, or as a warm friendship.

It should be evident at once that it makes a world of difference regarding our keeping of the covenant, whether we think of the covenant between God and ourselves as comparable to a cold, business-like, conditional bargain, or as comparable to a marriage, or a friendship. A wife and a friend behave differently than a businessman, especially with regard to the motives of the heart.”

-David J. Engelsma

Keeping the Sword Drawn

We must believe and confess the whole revelation of scripture; therefore, we must believe and confess that the Christ of the church is a militant Christ. In his tender mercy to his beloved church, and in his zealous devotion to his beloved Father, Jesus is a militant Christ toward his enemies, his Father’s enemies, and his church’s enemies.

– Brian Huizenga

Reformed Worldview

The Christian worldview is authoritatively—and clearly—made known to all believers in inspired Scripture. The worldview of the Christian is God’s own view of the world, of history, and of the place of each of us in the “big picture.” We may not invent our own worldview. If we do, our worldview is false. The consequences of a false worldview will be disastrous for ourselves and for all whom we mislead.

– David J. Engelsma

Spousal Abuse in the Reformed Community

The blessed unity between a man and his wife was created by God in paradise as a reflection of the perfect relationship of friendship that God has established with us, his church. Man corrupted this holy institution of marriage by his willful disobedience and fall into sin. It should come as no surprise to us that even some who claim the name of reformed believers are ensnared in the sin of spousal abuse. The dear friend they vowed to love and nurture, they instead despise and degrade both in mind and body. In this stirring booklet, Professor David Engelsma issues a brief exposition of this shameful reality which has long gone undetected within the reformed community and provides direction for the proper course of action to root out this sin when it appears in the church. The reader will greatly benefit both from the clear presentation of the subject matter and the lengthy Q&A section addressing many specific aspects of the topic.


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